No, you can't watch Netflix while driving your Tesla

Image credit Tesla

Image credit Tesla

Since you can now play games on your Tesla's infotainment screen, it only makes sense that the automaker is rolling out Netflix and YouTube streaming.

Musk said the official software update will deliver "an amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy seats & surround audio".

The in-car displays built into Tesla vehicles have multiple purposes including providing navigation, entertainment, a "dog mode", and games.

Of course, most of us would imagine making our way through the slow traffic watching our favorite Netflix series but that is not the case as these features can only be used when the auto is at a stop.

Before the week ends, the company announced that Tesla drivers can now play chess in the tesla Arcade.

Last week, Tesla posted a loss of $408 million (£327 million) for the second quarter of 2019 despite producing a record number of vehicles. However, Musk did mention at the E3 conference that the ability to watch YouTube was coming. The steering wheel serves as the controller for these games.

As smart cars continue to get smarter, Tesla drivers will soon be able to view popular streaming services from their front seat.

Musk had previously said that YouTube was coming to Tesla's cars, though the in-built system has not to date supported HTML5.

For now, Netflix and YouTube content will only be viewable when the vehicle is parked.

However, there are massive concerns that would definitely come with Tesla's upcoming feature.

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