Norwegian delegation arrives in Venezuela to restart stalled dialogue

Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido is confident the government will return to the negotiating table to seek a solution to the country's political crisis

Why Guaido official believes regime change in Venezuela is non-negotiable

The government and the opposition have engaged in Norwegian-mediated talks but those negotiations appear blocked over the opposition's demand that Maduro step down so new elections can be held. In contrast, Russia, Belarus, Bolivia, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Syria and Turkey voiced support for Maduro.

"What would happen if the regime dared to - and it could - bring forward an irregular convocation for elections without any conditions?" said Guaido.

Arreaza said that although Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro decided not to attend the latest round of talks with the opposition, the government has not left the negotiating table facilitated by Norway, and surely "there will be contacts" in that regard.

"There have been no new date, no new mechanism [of dialogue]", Union Radio quoted the opposition leader as saying.

He added, however, that the desire for dialogue does not mean pressure will no longer be exerted on Maduro's government.

Last week, the Venezuelan authorities refused to take part in another round of talks with the opposition in Barbados, citing "the unsafe and flagrant aggression toward Venezuela from the US President Donald Trump's Administration".

Maduro's administration is calling for a lifting of foreign-imposed sanctions on senior Venezuelan government officials, while the leftist president has stressed that his administration will not be blackmailed in the talks nor allow any agreements to be imposed by the United States or its allies.

Maduro said then that decision was due to Guaido's support for an August 5 action by President Donald Trump's administration to freeze all Venezuelan government assets in the US.

Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza said Thursday that the resumption of the political dialogue with the opposition is possible through a "re-thought mechanism".

Venezuela is experiencing a political crisis that intensified in January after the US-backed opposition leader, Juan Guaido, illegally proclaimed himself interim president.

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