Oculus VR Co-Founder Nate Mitchell Steps Down After 7 Years

Oculus Co Founder Nate Mitchell Leaves the Company after Seven Years of Work

Oculus Founder Nate Mitchell Departs Facebook

Oculus VR co-founder Nate Mitchell has confirmed he is the latest to leave the now-Facebook-owned virtual reality company, leaving none of the original founding team standing.

In 2014, Facebook bought Oculus for US$2.3 billion.

Iribe, the former CEO of Oculus, was the latest co-founder to exit the company a year ago, due to disagreements on the future of Oculus' high-end products.

Co-founder and chief engineer Jack McCauley, meanwhile, was the first out of the door after quitting the company in November 2015 to focus on short-lived startup McCauley Labs and now acts as an 'innovator in residence' for the University of California at Berkeley's Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation. "After 7 incredible years, I've made a decision to move on from Oculus / Facebook". Sadly, Reisse was killed in a traffic accident in 2013.

Revealing the news via a Reddit post, Mitchell thanked everyone for their support over the years and reminisced how the idea of Oculus was the "stuff of science fiction" when the group launched its Kickstarter in 2012 for the first Rift headset. "We didn't know if people would take us seriously".

Mitchell talked about the early days of the company, reminiscing the time when Oculus was still just an idea that he and other founders posted on Kickstarter. But this community from around the world came together and helped make VR a reality. This is because of you. Mitchell said he believes the team at Facebook will "continue to surprise and delight" fans with virtual reality platforms.

While Facebook declined to make any comments on the exit of Mitchell, a spokesperson stated that Facebook would be conducting an internal and external search to find Mitchell's replacement. Stay bold and keep chasing the future.

Mitchell stated that he would be taking some time off to travel and spend time with his family. "It's unclear at this point other than his note that he'll still be part of this community" but with a smaller role.

Mitchell added that he expects the Facebook team to continue the work to develop the next computing platform, something that he said he can not wait to see.

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