OH gunman's parents apologize for 'insensitive' obituary ignoring attack

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Biehl said if six officers stationed nearby had not engaged Betts when they did, the death toll would have been "exponentially" higher.

A separate obituary for his sister, 22-year-old Megan Betts, was also posted on the website and does not mention the man who allegedly killed her.

Armed with a.223-caliber high-capacity rifle, Betts opened fire on August 4 in the popular OR district, killing nine people, including his sister, and wounding 17 others. About 16 seconds later, an officer with a long gun killed Betts as he tried to re-enter Ned Peppers bar, police said.

A video of pieced-together surveillance from businesses showed Betts before the shooting with his sister and their friend, and again after he went to his vehicle and changed into a black hoodie, put on body armor and retrieved an assault-style gun from the trunk.

Mourners console each other after a mass in the chapel on the campus of Saint Francis University to celebrate the life of Nicholas Cumer last week in Loretto, Pa. Cumer was a graduate student and was among those killed in the Dayton shooting. Kollie will be in court Thursday after a judge balked at releasing him from jail.

Meanwhile, Betts' parents have apologized for the wording in his obituary that didn't mention the mass shooting whose victims included his younger sister. But they say Kollie lied on a federal firearms form while buying a pistol not used in the shooting. That shooting came just hours after another deadly gun rampage, this time in El Paso, Texas.

A detention hearing was held Wednesday for Ethan Kollie after an agreement could not be reached for his release.

A Montgomery County coroner also announced his preliminary findings into the Dayton mass shooting on Thursday.

Kent Harshbarger said it appears that one of those wounds was superficial and that the other victim had already received a fatal shot from Betts.

The coroner also told reporters that two people shot by Betts also were shot by police, but none fatally.

Betts' body had 52 entry and exit wounds - likely representative of 24-26 shots fired by police.

In what Biehl described as a "dynamic and chaotic" situation, the police were focused on preventing more deaths, he said.

Police have yet to reveal a motive in the shooting, or explain why the alleged gunman killed his sister, but they said his family is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

None of the nine victims' deaths in the August 4 mass shooting in Dayton resulted from police gunfire although two victims were also shot by police, according to a coroner's report. There was cocaine in a pipe and in a baggie found on the shooter, Harshbarger said.

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