Planned Parenthood expected to leave federal program over 'gag rule'

Mayra Rodriguez a former Planned Parenthood clinic director in Arizona was awarded $3 million in damages for wrongful termination

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: Eureka Clinic Shouldn't Experience Cutbacks, Despite Withdrawal From Federal Funding Over Trump Administration 'Gag Rule'

The Trump administration had implemented a rule stating that any clinic accepting Title X funds must not refer women to an abortion provider or suggest where to to get one, as The New York Times reports.

Gayle Ruzicka, an organizer of the Abortion-Free Utah campaign, said while PPAU is the only Title X recipient in Utah, she's not anxious that women will lose access to health services, arguing that other clinics provide similar reproductive health care without making abortion referrals.

According to the state, two-thirds of the patients served at Oregon's Title X clinics are at, or below the federal poverty level.

Planned Parenthood announced in a shocking statement on August 19 that the organization would be withdrawing from Title X funding, the federal rule that provides healthcare to low-income women in the United States.

Our Kiernan Brisson took a closer look at what this means for patients in Vermont.

On Monday, Planned Parenthood proved it cares more about abortion than the health needs of low income women, as the abortion giant withdrew from Title X, the federal program that serves the need of low-income Americans, rather than follow a Trump administration guideline.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has required all grantees to submit a plan by Monday detailing how they will comply with the new rules.

Governor Kate Brown promised to withdraw OR "from an unethical, ineffective Title X program that reduces access to essential preventive health services", if the new rule was adopted. But the state of Vermont has them covered in the short term. "The abortion giant is willing to forgo approximately $60 million in federal funds".

"So there is a total of about $800,000 that has been sitting in a contingency fund that can be utilized and it will go from July 1st of this year through for a year after", Vt.

"The new federal regulations impose some conditions that Oregon can not comply with because doing so would violate its own laws that prohibit it from interfering with or restricting benefits, services or information regarding a woman's right to choose to terminate a pregnancy", the Oregon Health Authority said in a statement Monday.

The program in question is known as Title X. It distributes about $260 million a year to clinics around the country to provide family planning services to an estimated 4 million people, primarily lower-income individuals.

"Trump's administration is trying to force us to keep information from our patients", Johnson wrote.

The family planning rule is part of a series of efforts to remake government policy on reproductive health to please conservatives who are a key part of President Donald Trump's political base.

Democrats in Congress re-upped their opposition to the Trump rule, with Reps.

As we've noted before, HHS allowed an appropriate timeline for organizations to make necessary operational changes, and prove they are making significant steps toward complying and no longer utilizing Title X monies in a way that subsidizes their abortion business.

OR is one of 21 states that sued the administration to stop the new "gag rule" in March. "This is a huge win for women's health", she added.

"I think that Planned Parenthood certainly knew that they had a choice to make when they first applied for grants this round".

Today on the broadcast, we discussed Planned Parenthood's losses before 9th Circuit, how the 9th Circuit has changed from being a major ally to the abortion industry, and exactly what Planned Parenthood is all about.

Abortion is one of the most divisive issues in US politics, with opponents often citing religious belief to call it immoral while abortion-rights advocates call restrictions improper encroachment on women's medical choices.

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