PUBG is getting PS4 to Xbox One cross-play in October

PUBG Cross Platform Play Between XB1 and PS4 Announced Here’s the Season 4 Trailer

PUBG Cross Platform Play Between XB1 and PS4 Announced Here’s the Season 4 Trailer

PUBG Corp has confirmed that cross-platform play is heading to Playerunknown Battlegrounds which will allow players on PS4 to face off against those on Xbox One with the full 100 players entering the battlefield. After around "a week in beta", it will hit the live game server in early October.

Cross-platform multiplayer is on the rise, and now PUBG is getting in on the collaborative goodness.

According to developers, the goal is to get PUBG cross-platform perform readily available for testing on the PUBG Evaluation Servers by late September and accessible for many gamers on live servers in early October. The battle royale is bringing its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One audiences together later this year by introducing cross-platform play with the release of season four. Console players will be access new content sooner before as updates will launch within two weeks of their PC counterpart. Much like Fortnite or other games which implement this game mechanic, the season pass rewards players for routinely playing the game.

On top of this news, PUBG is also working to streamline the updates on consoles. The players will also get to play the same on their respective consoles from the October month. Except, you know, it's still 100 people per match. "You'll be able to identify players from either Xbox One or PS4 through the UI, including kill feed, death box, and while spectating", said console producer Koosung Jeong. If not its free on the Xbox store with game pass, and it is a blast.

When PUBG Season 4 comes to console on August 27th, it will be headlined by the Erangel Visual Update, which provides a new look to PUBG's first and most iconic map.

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