R. Kelly charged with soliciting a minor in Minnesota

R. Kelly's got so many problems in Illinois and Chicago he probably isn't even thinking about charges in Minnesota yet

R. Kelly Reportedly Charged With More Sex Crimes in Minnesota

He was indicted last month in NY on 18 federal counts including kidnapping, forced labor and sending child pornography across state lines, as well as obstruction of justice for making hush money payments to victims. The singer, wearing blue prison togs over an orange shirt, pleaded not guilty to the charges through his attorneys.

R. Kelly is now in custody in NY, and facing 18 criminal counts for abuse of women and girls - among other offenses - in that state and in his native IL. He is being held in federal custody in Chicago. He also has denied wrongdoing in the IL matters. She told a news conference in Los Angeles on Monday that she was told the prostitution statute was the only one available to Minnesota authorities to charge Kelly in this case.

Kelly, now 52, is accused of giving a girl under the age of 18 his number when she asked for his autograph during a July 2001 promotional event in downtown Minneapolis. The singer is being accused of paying an underage girl to come to his hotel room and perform sex acts on him.

Kelly allegedly offered the girl the money to take her clothes off and dance.

The criminal complaint states Kelly offered the victim $200 to dance with him, and she agreed.

Freeman said in January of this year, she contacted a tip line centered in Chicago and came forward with her story in light of the other allegations that have surfaced this year against the celebrity, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. Afterward, Freeman said, she was given VIP seating for a concert.

Kelly leaves the Leighton Criminal Courts Building following a hearing on June 26, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

"This kind of conduct, particularly juveniles, is simply unacceptable in the state of Minnesota and frankly everywhere", Freeman reportedly said. "She was a juvenile at the time, we have special laws to protect our juveniles, and we are going to enforce them". She told police the incident happened when the musician was in Minneapolis for a concert.

In February, prosecutors in Cook County, Illinois, charged Kelly with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse of an underage victim.

Regardless of whether Kelly ever appears in a Minnesota courtroom, Freeman said, "By charging the case, we are at the table".

How many states will R. Kelly end up being charged in?

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