Some family-focused features are coming to the Spotify Family Plan

Spotify adding parental controls to Family plan

Spotify's Premium Family plans get an explicit content filter

Spotify is going to launch the new Spotify Premium Family Plan to cater to the different music tastes and needs of different family members. They're appearing first in Ireland, where the new features are rolling out now, ahead of wider availability "in all markets" this fall. It also adds parental controls on explicit content following requests on community boards.

Spotify will now allow parents to have more control over what their children listen to.

The Premium Family plan makes a lot of sense when you consider a standard Premium account costs $9.99 for one person and Family is $14.99 for up to six people who reside at the same address.

However, its competitors like Amazon, Apple, and YouTube, which all offer music streaming services, do so in addition to their core businesses.

Alongside the new parental controls, Spotify is also adding a new Family Mix, which will offer a personalized playlist generated from the listening habits of the accounts on the shared subscription.

Additionally, a "Family Hub" will be coming to the platform for Premium Family subscribers.

Family Mix: Families will get exclusive access to a personalised playlist packed with songs the whole family enjoys.

Most importantly, the firm is adding an explicit content feature. The feature is called Family Mix and it's updated regularly and allows parents to control who is in each session.

Spotify Premium Family is similar to Spotify Premium, except that it supports six accounts instead of one.

Spotify's "Premium Family Plan" is now family friendly. However, the Family Plan supports up to 6 users per subscription, with each user having their own separate accounts.

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