Stabbed police officer 'will make a recovery'

Leyton incident

LOCKDOWN A police officer has reportedly been attacked in east London

A British police officer is in critical condition after being stabbed in the head and body with a machete in what police described as a "sudden and brutal" attack in London.

Two uniformed officers tried to stop the van at the junction of Coopers Lane and Leyton High Road, the Met said.

The officers followed a plain white van after it originally failed to pull over when requested and eventually managed to get the driver to stop. Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Tucker said it was a "frenzied and unprovoked" attack.

One witness heard him screaming, while Muhammad Faisal, 31, described the aftermath as a "shocking" scene. Next to him was his police uniform.

The injured officer, who is in his 30s, was taken to a London hospital, while a second officer arrested the suspect at the scene. We didn't see the wound, but we saw a lot of blood, ' he said.

She praised the officer's bravery and resilience in subduing the suspect despite the injuries the officer sustained in the attack.

The Metropolitan Police said his condition was believed to be critical but stable, and his next of kin had been informed. Police officers across London are out there every day at risk protecting the public - and sadly, yet again, a Metropolitan police officer has suffered a severe injury on duty.

He added: 'Enough is enough.

The police officer receives attention following the incident in Leyton. "I wish the officer a full recovery & my thoughts are with him".

London Mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted: "I am utterly appalled by this sickening attack".

And Home Secretary Priti Patel, said she was "absolutely horrified" by the attack.

Fellow policemen pinned the crazed driver down and made the arrest, while the injured officer nursed his bleeding injuries.

"The men and women who serve in our police force in London are the very best in the world, and their courage and dedication in putting themselves in danger to keep us safe continues to be an inspiration to all of us". New figures published Thursday by the BBC show a rise in the number of women involved in knife possession offences over that same period.

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