Stephen Amell Will Star in a New TV Series After 'Arrow'

Stephen Amell Heels

Stephen Amell to star in wrestling drama next for Starz

However, outside of the ring, he's the organization's owner, as well as a husband and father attempting to make things work as he fights (literally) to achieve his dreams. So while we're sad to bid Amell's Arrow days farewell, Heels seems like the flawless next step. His soon to be eight-season stint as The Green Arrow has likely prepared him for the family drama, but maybe not as much as his actual experience in the wrestling realm. The actor previously stepped into the wrestling ring for SummerSlam in August 2015 and the All In Independent wrestling event in September 2018.

Amell's history with pro wrestling goes beyond that of being a lifelong fan.

This marks O'Malley's return to Starz. Along with Waldron and O'Malley, LBI Entertainment's Julie Yorn, Chris Donnelly and Patrick Walmsley will also serve as executive producers.

While we're all mourning the impending end of the CW's Arrow, don't think you're about to suffer from a serious lack of Stephen Amell on your television screens. With only ten episodes remaining, the trend-setting series is highly anticipated. He will play a small town wrestler in an upcoming Starz drama. The final season will help set the stage for the massive crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, and though we don't know how it all ends, Oliver Queen will nearly certainly go out with a bang. The culminating storyline will incorporate Warner Bros., CW's Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman and Supergirl.

When the news broke, Amell immediately joked with Cody Runnels (or Cody Rhodes), a professional wrestler who also played Derek Sampson on Arrow, and asked if he can help with the show. It's sounds like an interesting series and Amell is clearly a big fan of the industry. So, from what we can tell, Amell is pretty excited about this new gig.

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