Taylor Swifts Surprises Waiting Fans with Pizza Ahead of Her 'GMA' Performance!

Taylor Swift has edited the insufferable “spelling is fun” bit out of her song “ME!”

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Former Sony Music executive Seth Schachner on Taylor Swift speaking out over her concerns about a Scooter Braun-led holding company acquiring her former label Big Machine Records which owns the master recordings of her first six studio albums. The reporter asks Swift if she would consider re-recording her songs in order to own the new versions, and she said: "Oh yeah".

The pop star announced plans to re-record her past hits in an interview with Tracy Smith for CBS This Morning, which will air this Sunday, Aug. 25 at 9 a.m. ET/PT on CBS.

But whether Swift intends to revisit her entire catalogue on record or just re-record a few select choices for the goal of film or commercial licensing wasn't addressed, at least in the interview excerpts released by CBS.

The singer is releasing her first album, titled Lover, for her new label Republic on Friday, August 23.

Taylor Swift's controversial anti-Scooter efforts to re-record her old music apparently is on track, at least as intentions go.

It also shows Swift taking control of her catalogue from a man who has allegedly wronged her.

At the beginning of July, Swift discovered that her masters had been sold to Scooter Braun.

Swift said that she'd been bullied online by Braun, Bieber and Kanye West. The music she wrote on the floor of her bedroom as a teenager. Shortly after fans noticed this, Swift immediately deleted the post off her Tumblr page and Scott K. Swift's Facebook account was deactivated. He knew what he was doing; they both did. "In perpetuity. That means forever".

The dramatic move could be complicated by time restrictions in her early contracts - she first signed with Big Machine Label Group in 2005, when she was still a teenager - but not impossible. And once the chat with Roberts was done, Swift really got the party started for the fans - some of whom had camped out overnight - by performing her anti-hater anthem "You Need To Calm Down".

Borchetta responded with a post stating that Swift had previous notice of the sale, stating, "So, it's time for some truth..."

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