Tennessee man sues Popeyes for selling out of chicken sandwiches

You've had a good run chicken Po Boy but Popeyes new fried chicken sandwich reigns supreme

Popeyes Sold Out Of Chicken Sandwiches; I'm Going To Help

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that a man matching the description Barr outlined had purchased something from that Popeyes restaurant and left out the front door. He also claimed he blew out a tire and damaged a rim driving from one Popeyes to another and was humiliated when his friends laughed at his ordeal.

Messages to Restaurant Brands International, the owner of the Miami-based chicken chain, were not immediately returned.

Popeyes introduced their fried chicken sandwich on August 12th.

On Aug. 28, the company encouraged its new sandwich fans to download its phone app so they can be the first to know when the crispy chicken item makes a comeback.

Craig Barr, the man behind the lawsuit, shared the following words: "I can't get happy; I have this sandwich on my mind".

Once he gave the scammer the money, he never saw him again, Barr said.

'I got scammed, ' he told Free Press.

Popeyes Sold Out Of Chicken Sandwiches; I'm Going To Help

On eBay alone there were around 16 sandwiches up for grabs to anyone willing to pay a heft price.

Another group of men were believed to be selling Popeyes' chicken sandwiches outside the restaurant for five times their sales value of $3.99 in a recent viral clip. "They've got everyone gassed up on them".

Ahead of the release, they calculated 'operational challenges, supply chain and. a lot of forecasting'.

Whether the move was pure savagery or genuine kindness is up to you to decide, but we're choosing to go with the latter.

She said the man explained to them that he had noticed the Popeyes had been crowded and the workers stressed, and chose to bring some chicken sandwiches to the workers, "out of the kindness of his heart", said Walker.

He compared it to the anticipation and hype surrounding the initial release of the iPhone in 2007.

'It's not something that we had anticipated'.

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