Trump threatens to pull United States out of World Trade Organisation

Donals Trumps does not like wind mills

Donals Trumps does not like wind mills

Addressing a gathering at Pennsylvania on Tuesday, Trump said India and China - the two economic giants from Asia - are no longer developing nations and as such they can not taken the benefit from the WTO.

In July, the Trump administration issued a memorandum on reforming how the WTO designates this preferential designation, citing China as the most dramatic example of a country benefiting from a system he said is unfair.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that the existence of the World Trade Organization (WTO) would be in serious doubt if major economies such as the United States left it, a prospect raised a day earlier by U.S. President Donald Trump.

"We're not letting that happen anymore..."

Donald Trump-led USA government has also seen a couple of setbacks with trade in India.

According to Chad Bown of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, these USA actions weaken the WTO and cause "long-term defeat", some of which can not be corrected.

In a memo to Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative, Trump wrote that the WTO was based on an "outdated dichotomy" between developing and developed economies and was in "desperate need of reform".

The WTO has always been an issue for Trump who has criticized its granting of developing-country status - and all the trade benefits that come with it - to countries with large economies, such as India but specifically China.

Reports further quoted Trump as saying the WTO was "broken" as "the world's richest countries" claim to be developing countries and get special treatment to avoid WTO rules.

He said that India and China have been misusing the "developing" tag for a while now.

In the speech Tuesday, he reiterated his criticism that the countries are taking advantage of the United States through claiming developing-country status. [.] Well, they have grown, and they had tremendous advantages.

FACING another US Tariff hike, Chinese President Xi Jinping is getting tougher with Washington instead of backing down.

According to experts, the administration of Donald Trump has virtually blocked the work of the WTO through its actions.

Regulators are threatening to place American companies on an "unreliable entities" list that might face curbs on their operations.

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