UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in bid to get new Brexit deal

The former Treasury chief was on Wednesday night accused of failing to prepare Britain for no deal

The former Treasury chief was on Wednesday night accused of failing to prepare Britain for no deal

"It has been deliberately leaked by a former minister in an attempt to influence discussions with European Union leaders", a source told the paper.

Leaked government documents revealed Sunday that the United Kingdom will face major food, fuel and medicine shortages along with intense political fallout with Ireland, if the country decides to leave the European Union on October 31 without a deal.

Trucks could be dealt 2 1/2-day delays at ports, with significant disruption lasting up to three months, which would affect fuel supplies in London and the southeast of England, according the document.

The Times said up to 85% of lorries using the main Channel crossings may not be ready for French customs, meaning disruption at ports would potentially last up to three months before the flow of traffic improved.

The Times said the report has been compiled by the Cabinet Office and offered a rare glimpse into the covert planning being carried out by the government to avert a catastrophic collapse in the nation's infrastructure.

A government source blamed the leak on an unnamed former minister who wanted to influence negotiations with the EU.

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood said Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not understand the situation in Northern Ireland.

Asked about the documents by Sky News, Britain's energy minister said, per Reuters: "I think there's a lot of scaremongering around", but added, "We've got to prepare for no deal".

His own officials, however, have warned that with a no-deal Brexit, the sharing of law enforcement data and the health of Britain's crucial financial services industry could be in jeopardy after October 31.

"Our country is on the brink of an economic crisis, as we career towards a no-deal Brexit", said the letter, signed by MPs and opposition party leaders who want to halt Britain's departure from the EU.

"This is a clear signal to the people of this country that there is no turning back - we are leaving the European Union as promised on October 31, whatever the circumstances - delivering on the instructions given to us in 2016".

Meanwhile, more than 100 MPs have sent him a letter calling on him to immediately recall Parliament and let it sit permanently until the scheduled departure date of October 31st.

"We face a national emergency, and parliament must be recalled now".

The revelations come just before Boris Johnson takes his first official foreign trip as prime minister to meet with President Emmanuel Macron of France and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany in advance the G-7 summit this coming weekend in Biarritz, France.

It is, however, unclear if lawmakers have the unity or power to use the British parliament to prevent a no-deal Brexit on October 31 - likely to be the United Kingdom's most significant move since World War Two.

Corbin told the Observer newspaper that his plan was the "simplest and most democratic" way to prevent an exit without agreement.

It says efforts to avoid a hard border would be "unsustainable" in the event of a "No Deal" Brexit and warns any return could spark protest, road blockages and "direct action".

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