United Kingdom government would win no confidence vote says Energy Minister

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who has said it is not up to the UK Parliament to block a second Scottish independence referendum

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn agreed to meet rebel Tory MPs who want to block a no-deal Brexit

Given British Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs to remove Britain from the European Union on October 31, with or without an arranged deal, rivals are plotting how to cut him down and stop a no-deal Brexit they state would be sad for the economy, according to Reuters.

"O$3 ur priority should be to work together in Parliament to prevent a deeply damaging No Deal being imposed on the country, denying voters the final say".

The Labour leader said: "It's not up to Jo Swinson to decide who the next prime minister is going to be", after she dismissed his proposal to force a general election.

Rebel Tory MPs Dominic Grieve and Sir Oliver Letwin have not yet commented.

Swinson, whose party has only 13 seats in parliament, was openly hostile to Corbyn's offer.

"I've always said I wanted to talk to him about it, and I think that dialogue is really important between anyone who wants to stop a no-deal Brexit", she told Today.

Other independent MPs also came out swinging against the Labour leader.

But other opponents of a no-deal Brexit worry that Mr Corbyn, would not have enough support from across the aisle to form a government.

Swinson, after gaining her 14th Lib Dem MP in Sarah Wollaston, suggested veteran MPs Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman for the role of caretaker prime minister, as they were "respected on both sides of the House".

Jo Swinson, the party's new leader, does not think he is the right man for the job. It would be an odd thing for him to lead a unity government, you know.

Backbench MP Wes Streeting said the Liberal Democrats were "wrong to reject" the offer, saying it should be "treated seriously" by everyone trying to stop the prospect of the United Kingdom leaving the bloc without an agreement amid warnings that this would lead to a "severe" economic downturn. It is clear Jeremy Corbyn can not command that majority in the house. Others have made the same calculation as Streeting.

The four Tory former ministers were included in a letter sent by Corbyn to opposition leaders on Wednesday asking them to unite behind a "caretaker government", led by him, to stop no deal by extending Article 50. "But if Jeremy Corbyn truly wants that to succeed, surely even he can see that he cannot lead it". "It is legitimate to oppose independence and to argue against a referendum - it's not legitimate for Westminster to block a democratic mandate and a majority vote in the Scottish Parliament for indyref2". "It doesn't matter who leads it..."

This was echoed by Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville Roberts, who said that while her party is "very much open" to the formation of a unity government, it is "extremely disappointing" that Corbyn's proposal does not contain a commitment to a second referendum before a general election.

Corbyn's response has been to offer further reassurances of his good intentions.

Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey appealed to critics by saying the move was "not about implementing Labour policy" but about avoiding the "unfathomable" damage a no-deal could cause. This isn't about personalities and politics.

Anna Soubry, who leads the Independent Group of Change which has 5 MPs also categorically ruled out supporting a Corbyn-led temporary government. The question is, if not Jeremy who would it be?

Dominic Grieve told LBC that he will bring down Boris Johnson's government if it's the only way to stop a no-deal Brexit.

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