USA may sanction countries trading with Venezuela

Pro-Maduro protest in Caracas against US sanctions

Pro-Maduro protest in Caracas against US sanctions Sputnik Kelly CarreƱo

In Caracas, thousands of government supporters dressed in red and waving Venezuelan flags marched against the United States sanctions.

On Tuesday, US national security advisor John Bolton urged China and Russian Federation to avoid doing business with the Maduro government, after president Donald Trump ordered a freeze on all Venezuelan government assets in the US and barred transactions with its authorities.

Trump's order further prohibits all transactions with Venezuelan officials but exempts humanitarian assistance to Venezuela, including transactions related to the provision of food, clothing and medicine.

The new sanctions imposed by the United States administration is the latest in a series of "arbitrary measures of economic terrorism against the Venezuelan people", the Venezuelan Foreign Affairs Ministry said.

Noting cooperation between China and Venezuela has been conducted with equality, mutual benefit, win-win results and market principles, Hua said the legitimate cooperation has delivered benefits to the two countries and peoples, and it enjoys no interference from others.

She warned that the U.S. measures were likely to bring additional hardship to the Venezuelan people, who were already suffering from the effects of hyperinflation and a deep recession.

Those with influence in Venezuela and in the worldwide community need to work for a political solution, she said.

The United States is one of more than 50 countries backing opposition leader Juan Guaido in Venezuela, whereas China and several other countries, including Russian Federation, support Maduro.

Spain, Britain, France, Sweden, Germany, Japan and Denmark joined the U.S., Canada and most Latin American countries in recognizing Guaido as Venezuela's interim leader.

In January, Guaido invoked the constitution to assume a rival interim presidency on the grounds that Maduro's 2018 re-election was fraudulent.

He said on Wednesday that Maduro could help the country by abandoning the presidential palace, Miraflores.

Maduro accuses the USA of waging an economic war against his government.

In retaliation to the sanctions, Maduro ordered his government's representative to not attend scheduled talks in Barbados with the opposition, "due to the grave and brutal aggression" of the Trump administration, according to a government statement on Wednesday.

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