Vaping encourages ex-smokers to return to cigarettes

W.Va. health department weighs in on vaping hazards

Outbreak of lung illnesses put new spotlight on youth vaping

CDC aren't saying definitively that vaping is the cause. "It's bad for public health, and it's bad for our mission". As of August 23, 203 possible cases of severe respiratory disease associated with e-cigarette use have been reported in 23 states.

The CDC said doctors need to report all suspected cases to their state health agencies.

ACCOMACK COUNTY, Va-The Virginia Health Department has confirmed three cases of severe lung illnesses associated with vaping.

But this isn't the whole story.

"These cases are part of the almost 200 reported incidents of vaping-related illness in 22 states, resulting in at least one death", health officials said in the statement.

"Several health departments are now linking street vapes containing THC or synthetic drugs to these illnesses", the AVA said.

On Aug. 23, an IL resident died after being hospitalized with a severe respiratory illness associated with vaping. All 21 cases reported in California were apparently attributed to vaping marijuana, with all the THC e-liquids being purchased on the street. These products do not pose a risk of lipoid pneumonia.

According to the state health department, e-cigarette use throughout the United States increase by 78 percent among middle and high school students. More resources on curbing teen vaping and smoking is available at the Department's website. There were 50 cases past year. Smoking burns tobacco, releasing toxic tars into the lungs and leading to problems including heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, and asthma. This may give "vapers" the idea that the vaping is, perhaps, a healthier alternative to smoking.

Instead of the Marlboro Man, today we see images of high school football players leaving the field and quickly reaching into their pockets for a few puffs from their multi-flavored e-cigarettes. In fact, some British hospitals now provide them for patients.

"We don't anyone who doesn't smoke, or already use nicotine, to use Juul products".

The unregulated marketing of e-cigarettes is increasing the number of young people who vape, according to a new study from researchers at UT Austin.

Maryland and Virginia reported cases of severe lung illness linked to e-cigarette use this week, contributing to about 200 possible cases nationwide.

Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada are monitoring the US situation and working with USA officials but have not seen any evidence of similar pulmonary illness clusters in Canada related to e-cigarettes.

E-cigarette users don't get exposed to the estimated 7,000 chemical constituents present in combustible cigarettes, and vaping is generally believed to be safer than smoking.

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