Very bad artist is the latest to lose to Larry Bird

Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird talks about the NBA basketball team's prospects in the upcoming draft during a news conference in Indianapolis. Bird was voted the NBA's Executive of the Year on Wedne

Larry Bird wants artist to remove tattoos from Indianapolis mural

The 62-year-old enlisted his lawyer to help get the tattoos removed from the mural because he "doesn't want to be seen as a tattooed guy", according to his lawyer.

"Larry's only issue with the mural was the tarnishing of his image and his "brand" by affixing tattoos to his body", said Salle, who added that he received a picture of the artwork from Bird last Friday.

"All of his friends and 98 percent of his players are tattooed".

Muck, meanwhile, said she chose to paint the replica of Bird's 1977 Sports Illustrated cover dubbing him "College Basketball's Secret Weapon" while at Indiana State University due to Bird's roots and because the throwback image fascinated her.

The mural, shown below, features Bird in his Indiana State uniform with tattoos all over his arms, neck and face, including a pair of bunnies mating on his right forearm and a Celtics shamrock on his left bicep.

Larry Bird likes the mural, just not the tattoos.

'My mistake was in joking in a manner and with someone who did not fully understand that I was joking, ' Thomas told reporters.

Muck, who adds tattoos to images as part of her trademark style told the Indy Star that she came to an agreement with the basketball star to remove all of the body art except a tattoo of the word IN on his left forearm.

'This is another human being that is obviously not liking it, ' she told the IndyStar Wednesday morning.

"They said the tattoos are the problem", she told the Star before the new agreement. I can't just do an exact replica of a photograph.

"He's wearing colors that match the building", Muck told WISH.

"Larry's "brand" is not tarnished, and Jules' mural maintains some of the edginess she desires in her work", he said.

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