Warren Campaign Scrubs Native American DNA Test Video From Website

Did Elizabeth Warren Remove Her Bogus DNA Test Video Before Speaking to a Native American Forum

Warren Removes Infamous Native American Heritage Video From Campaign Website

Warren, 77, issued a public apology on August 19, telling a crowd at a forum on Native American issues in Massachusetts: "Like anyone who has been honest with themselves, I know I have made mistakes".

On Monday, Warren told a Native American forum in Sioux City, Iowa, she was sorry for any harm she caused the community.

Haaland, who has endorsed Warren's presidential campaign, briefly addressed the controversy over her heritage. The detailed policy agenda to help Native Americans that she released last week helped her secure a warm reception from attendees at the tribal forum. "And I am grateful for the many conversations that we've had together". She fielded questions about her proposals, which include a legislative change for a Supreme Court ruling that impedes tribal governments' ability to prosecute crimes committed on tribal lands by those who don't belong to a tribe.

Oyen says she eventually ditched the blue blazer and the glasses and "hid behind a tall guy" because she felt sorry for confusing people.

In the days leading up to the forum, Warren released a series of new proposals aimed at helping Native Americans, including tribal sovereignty, a massive grant program for broadband access, and other funding to boost tribal nations and indigenous people.

The video championing Warren's DNA results, meanwhile, was removed from YouTube and her website by Warren's team, prompting ridicule from GOP communications director Michael Ahrens.

Warren drew a standing ovation from the audience at the kickoff of the two-day forum, which is drawing 10 of her White House rivals.

Oyen arrived at the rally wearing a blue blazer and clear glassses, her Elizabeth Warren costume from Halloween, as a lark.

"Every time they asked about Elizabeth's family instead of the issues of vital importance to Indian country, they feed the President's racism", Haaland said.

The report also mentions that Warren originally requested to know whether she had any African American ancestry, which she does not. "I kept saying 'I'm not her!' but I looked up and hundreds of people were staring at me". "A person has to admit their mistakes and move on".

During her event at Macalester, Warren said she would be making another appearance in Minneapolis Tuesday.

Warren's remarks at the forum, held at a theater in Sioux City, was part of the senator's broader effort to move past the political fallout of the long-running controversy over her past claims of tribal ancestry, which culminated in the widely-criticized release of DNA test results a year ago. "And what I would say is, from here forward, because now we're in a presidential election, that we take Michelle Obama's advice and when, when he goes low, you go high". He said he liked what Warren had to say about making sure the country honors its promises and treaties with tribes. She also promises to strengthen public defenders and rein in prosecutorial abuses.

Gary Funmaker, 72, of Black River Falls, Wisconsin, said Warren had "good energy to her" and he didn't see much need for further apology.

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