Washington driver had Pokemon Go open on eight phones at once

Washington driver had Pokemon Go open on eight phones at once

Trooper catches driver on side of road playing Pokemon GO on 8 different phones

Sgt. Kyle Smith found the driver playing the popular mobile video game "Pokemon Go" on EIGHT separate smartphones.

Trooper Rick Johnson is a spokesman for the patrol and said Sgt. Kyle Smith did not issue a ticket because he did not observe the auto moving while the driver was using the phones.

According to a Wednesday morning tweet from Trooper Rick Johnson, a WSP public information officer, a driver was "contacted" by a trooper Tuesday evening after his vehicle was spotted on a road shoulder.

Kids show the screen of their smartphone with Nintendo Co.'s Pokemon Go augmented-reality game at the Trocadero in front of the Eiffel tower on September 8, 2016 in Paris, France. They were all neatly nestled in a foam casing, to ensure they were secure for optimal Pokemon hunting on the road.

"The shoulders of any limited-access freeway are for emergency purposes only", Trooper Johnson said. But I think we have a new victor for distracted driving, with a driver recently busted playing Pokemon GO on 8 separate smartphones.

"It's hard to figure out a way where that is not distracting", Johnson said. "The motorist, who was not identified by police, was not cited for distracted driving or any vehicular violations". "But anybody can guess he's watching that while he's driving and pulling over for this game to catch whatever he's trying to catch".

Johnson said the driver agreed to put the phones in the back seat and continue his commute "with 8 less distractions".

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