What Sharp's IGZO display technology will mean for the Nintendo Switch

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Though IGZO displays boast support for high resolutions, that probably isn't a major selling point for Nintendo, as the Switch's handheld resolution is only 720p.

Nintendo has two new Switch models coming out this summer. Both new devices could benefit of Sharp's IGZO displays due to their lower power consumption and potentially higher image quality, but it remains to be seen whether Nintendo decides to shift both of its upcoming game consoles to a new type of LCDs.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sharp will supply Nintendo with its IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) display panels for future Switch models.

By opting to use Sharp's screens in the Switch, Nintendo could take advantage of the smaller transistors used in IGZO displays to increase the system's overall power efficiency. It's not clear which models will benefit from this. This new console is a more affordable version of the original Nintendo Switch that was released on March 2017.

The Switch model that has been on sale since launch uses older amorphous silicon display technology, and while it's unlikely that any improvement in picture quality will be noticeable, the new IGZO displays should definitely help with battery life and durability. Sharp Executive Katsuaki Nomura reportedly told the Journal that it's suppling a video game client "what we are most good at, IGZO". "Chief Executive Shuntaro Furukawa has said the company is always working on new hardware", writes the publication.

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