Apple iOS 13, watchOS 6 roll out

iPhone 11 Pro Max features 25% larger battery than iPhone XS Max

Here’s Why iPhone 11 Is The Best $700 Smartphone Apple Has Ever Made

On iTunes, make sure your device is connected to your computer.

The iOS 13.1 will bring several features that were avoided for the initial iOS 13 release, including automated Siri Shortcut actions, a share ETA feature in Apple Maps, and data separation for enterprise devices, The Verge reported on Thursday. The Mail app in iOS 13 comes with support for blocking specific senders, muting threads, and custom fonts.

These are just a few of the most interesting upgrades iOS 13 has backpacked and it's also worth mentioning that, according to Apple, the users will see improvements in performance as well - app launches are 2x times faster and Face ID also sees a speed improvement of 30%.

Of course, the Camera app also received a number of improvements as well: Portrait Lighting intensity can be adjusted now, which means that you'll be able to smooth out skin, sharpen eyes and overall brighten facial features.

The fact that Apple is pushing up a release this far should tell you everything you need to know about iOS 13, but the company was apparently still comfortable enough to release the update anyway. Then go to Backups This Computer Backup now. Then open iTunes, select your phone, click "Summary", and click "Check for Update".

The basic iPhone 11 will sell for $699. This setting must be off before you will be able to downgrade to the last version of iOS. Let us walk you through it. The iPhone's screen should be black. Although pricing starts at a steep Rs. 64,900 for the base 64GB iPhone 11, buyers can look forward to some cool launch offers, including an instant discount of up to Rs. 7,000 with HDFC Bank credit and debit cards.

After the iPhone is in recovery mode, press and hold the shift key on a Windows PC or the option key on a Mac and choose "Restore iPhone" in iTunes.

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