Auto plows into lobby of Trump Plaza New Rochelle

Man plows car into lobby of Trump building in upstate New York, then sits quietly on couch (VIDEOS)

Car plows into lobby of Trump Plaza condominium complex

However, CBS New York says that police are considering the crash an accident and not a deliberate gesture.

A auto reportedly lost control and plowed through the lobby of a Trump Plaza condominium complex just outside of New York City Tuesday evening. As such, it's nearly a miracle that only 2 people were hurt: CBS says that their injuries are not life-threatening but they were still taken to the hospital as a precaution. Photos and videos on social media show the vehicle with its hood and trunk open in the middle of the lobby, a chandelier hanging overhead.

Police say the two people who were injured were pedestrians, The New York Post reports. "He just really shook up", maintenance worker Kevin Jenkins told CBS. "I just came out this way and I just see all the glass". He tweeted "residents coming and going, returning home from dinner, walking their dogs".

Police are still investigating the cause of the incident, but Sgt. Chris Castiglia of the New Rochelle police department told The New York Times that the wreck did not appear to be intentional.

According to Newsweek, Trump Plaza opened in 2007.

"Workers at Trump Plaza New Rochelle say after auto plowed into lobby, make [sic] driver got out and took a seat on a sofa". He also worked with Trump to develop the Trump Tower at City Center in 2005, a 35-story condominium building in White Plains around 10 miles from the Trump Plaza.

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