Brad Pitt asks astronaut: Who was better? Clooney or me?

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Pitt - who is back this year in films Ad Astra and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - suggested getting older has also changed his priorities.

Hague thanked Pitt for "contributing to the mission of awareness" and "lighting that fire in the imaginations of that next generations of explorers". "But he understood it completely, this character who lives so much in his own head".

Asked if his father, actor Brad Pitt who is divorced from Jolie, will visit him, he said he did not know, adding: "Whatever happens, happens". And I can't tell you how many talented, talented people there are still struggling to to be able to tell their story, the one that moved them. But he's built a new callus near his big toe, because he is "constantly hanging on things with my big toe to hold me in place". "I'm from Missouri. So we're neighbors!" "I'm just kind of in the cosmos - that perspective really challenges you because now you're looking down at everything you've ever known, all of humanity, right there and you have this deep appreciation for how big the universe really is". Laughing, Hague responded, "There's that, and to have me stop telling my bad dad jokes". Hague confirmed that they have been experimenting with 3D printing aboard the station for a while, even 3D printing biological tissues!

Hague responded with laughter and affirmed Pitt was the better astronaut. The question elicited audible laughter from both Hague and the NASA ground team coordinating the call.

"You were, absolutely", Hague said.

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"We reviewed a script of Ad Astra early in production", Bert Ulrich, NASA's liaison for film and TV collaborations, said in a statement.

While the events of the movie are firmly based in science fiction, NASA says that it did collaborate with the producers during the development process, providing technical expertise and imagery.

"There's films we make for the populace". "Although there was no NASA storyline, we provided some of the exciting images and footage for the film, especially of the Moon and Mars".

That laugh comes tumbling out again when he's asked to find the thread between Hollywood's Cliff, a sort of beach-boy Lebowski with a singular gift for sudden violence, and Ad Astra's Maj.

Opening in theaters on Friday, September 20 and directed by James Gray (The Lost City of Z, The Immigrant), the sci-fi film also stars Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, and Donald Sutherland.

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