Britain, EU agree to continue Brexit talks - Brussels

European Parliament President #DavidSassoli receives call and invitation to London from PM #BorisJohnson - EU Reporter

Who to stop no-deal Brexit? Supreme Court to rule on suspension of Parliament

But the justices pushed back on the second day of the historic legal showdown, which pits the powers of Britain's legislature against those of its executive as the country's scheduled Brexit date of October 31 looms over its political landscape and its economy.

"Isn't it odd that nobody has signed a witness statement to say: "This is true".

Government lawyer Richard Keen said the prime minister's opponents were "inviting the courts into forbidden territory and into what is essentially a minefield".

In the meantime Mr Johnson will maintain talks with European leaders in NY subsequent week to attempt to safe a deal. Here we take a look at the latest figures behind Brexit.

Mr Barclay said he was "surprised" that the European Union claimed it was prepared for a no-deal Brexit - pointing to the potential impact on food and medicine supplies to Ireland if there are tailbacks at Calais.

But the Opposition parties and some members of his own Conservative parliamentarian questioned his motivation behind advising the Queen to suspend Parliament.

But a government lawyer warned the country's most senior judges, who will rule next week on whether the prime minister broke the law, not to enter a "minefield" by meddling in political decisions.

Eadie denied the prime minister was trying to prevent lawmakers from blocking his Brexit plans.

Rinne's statement comes a day after he met French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris, where he said that the European Union is unlikely to grant an extension to the current October 31 deadline, and thus avoid a no-deal exit, unless London proposes concrete measures.

The backstop has been the key sticking point in the Brexit deal debate.

"I think we can have a deal".

"That would be a remarkable position for the courts to endorse", argued Major, who was represented in the court by barrister Lord Edward Garnier. I must repeat this case is not about when and what terms the United Kingdom leaves the EU (European Union).

Lawyers for Miller and joint campaigners challenging the suspension told the Supreme Court there was "strong evidence" the British prime minister saw parliamentarians "as an obstacle" and wanted to "silence" them. "As long as such proposals are not made, I can not tell you - while looking you straight in the eye - that progress is being made". Ireland's foreign minister said the "mood music" had improved but London and Brussels were still a long way from clinching a new deal.

The call followed the approval of a new Brexit resolution which reaffirmed the European Parliament's support for an orderly and managed Brexit.

On Thursday a French diplomatic source said that "time is running out" to reach a Brexit accord, warning that it will not be possible to negotiate "directly" at the next European Council meeting in mid-October. He has not explained how that would be done.

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