BYOB? Popeye's suggests a new way to get its chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich

Chicken sandwich

Popeyes isn't ready to sell more chicken sandwiches just yet, so it cooked up a way to promote the product despite a shortage.

Popeyes has launched their new BYOB campaign - Bring Your Own Bun.

Craving the new Popeyes chicken sandwich?

Popeyes says that it will be allowing restaurant guests to bring their own buns to restaurants, order its three-piece tenders and make their own chicken sandwiches. And you bring your own bun...

Popeyes' jaunty tweet acknowledging the shortcomings of this tongue-in-cheek plan - "Try our new BYOB!" It's basically The Sandwich!

The imitation sandwich will not include pickles or mayo. "Really it's just three tenders." - was met with some virtual eyerolls, many of which were so profanity-laced we can not share them in this family publication.

However, the Popeyes 'fry-'hards on Twitter weren't having it, posting cries of "delete this" and "damn, y'all are broke".

The idea that a purveyor of, you know, food, is asking its customers to supply a crucial component of a meal isn't going over well in some quarters - even though it's clear (we think?) that Popeyes is just joking. Fried chicken chain Popeyes is trying to offer some solace to those fiercely missing its wildly popular chicken sandwich. "As a result, we ran out much sooner than anticipated".

Our MLive Michigan's Best Team was able to score one of the sandwiches before they sold out.

Cil added, "We've added a new item to our checklist: What happens if we break the internet".

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