Cuomo announces emergency executive action to ban sale of flavored e-cigarettes

New York Gov. Cuomo announces emergency executive action to ban sale of flavored e-cigarettes

Juul reviewing NY ban, agrees action needed

A man exhales while smoking an e-cigarette in Portland, Maine.

"New York is confronting this crisis head-on and today we are taking another nation-leading step to combat a public health emergency", Gov. Cuomo said at today's event. The ban could go into effect in as little as two weeks. He also wants state health department officials to draft warning signs to be displayed at retailers and warning labels for e-cigarette products.

The executive action would not ban tobacco or menthol vaping products.

He said state police and the Department of Health will work together to stop stores from selling to underage teens.

"The e-cigarettes and the vaping devices are often used to vape other substances", such as "THC" and "vitamin E acetate", Cuomo noted during his press conference. "The menthol flavor for the vaping helps menthol cigarette smokers".

Earlier this month MI became the first state to ban e-cigarettes.

"They tried the lozenges", Cuomo said.

Seventh grader Yael Mintz was at the rally.

"Vaping is risky", the governor said.

'We do not know the long term-term health effects of the use of the product, ' Cuomo said.

CBSN New York's Nick Caloway reports.

Major e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL Labs responded to the action by Cuomo in a statement Sunday, saying it has already taken actions in ny, like pulling all flavors except tobacco and menthol from traditional retail stores in November.

There are several flavors on the market, including cotton candy and bubble gum, clearly aimed at a younger audience, Cuomo said.

On Sept. 12, Cuomo signed an executive order that directs state agencies to deploy education awareness programs about vaping and include vaping and e-cigarette prevention and cessation measures in their educational programs and employee trainings.

Cuomo signed legislation earlier this year raising the statewide smoking age to 21.

The Democrat announced Sunday that the state health commissioner would be making a recommendation this week to the state Public Health and Health Planning Council. "At a minimum, it is addicting young people to nicotine at a very early age". Symptoms have included shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, diarrhea and vomiting. US health officials have identified 380 cases of illness in 36 states and one territory, including six deaths.

While the dangers are still a mystery, what is clear-there are more than 350 cases of respiratory illnesses from vaping across three dozen and possible connections to at least six deaths.

One vape shop owner in Hicksville says he agrees with cracking down on selling to minors, but he disagrees with banning flavored vape products.

Also this week, the government shared preliminary new data on the growing popularity of vaping in adolescents.

Almost 28 percent of US adolescents surveyed this year said say they vaped at least once in the last 30 days, the government said. High school use in 2018 is 160 percent higher than it was in 2014.

E-cigarettes generally have been considered less risky than regular cigarettes, but health officials have warned that nicotine is harmful to developing brains.

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