Delegates in New Hampshire Hesitant on Biden, Gravitate Toward Warren

CloseBack to Article Back to Article Democratic debate field winnowed but Trump still looms By Kyle Putt Graphic Designer By Kyle Putt Graphic Designer

CloseBack to Article Back to Article Democratic debate field winnowed but Trump still looms By Kyle Putt Graphic Designer By Kyle Putt Graphic Designer

Biden picked up 15% of former Harris backers.

In addition to polls in California and Texas, national polls still showed Biden on top.

Also remarkable is that nearly all the talk about the enthusiasm for Warren ignores the considerable lack of enthusiasm for her among African Americans in the Southern states. Kamala Harris will choose to aim her attacks.

He has also said he would not support Trump's US-Mexico-Canada trade pact that would replace Nafta, unless changes are made to its labour and environmental provisions, among others. It flipped from blue in 2012 to red in 2016, when it was the tipping point state for Trump's victory.

I'm not sure what chance Sanders has of winning the nomination, but the national and early state polling suggest Sanders shouldn't be tossed aside as an afterthought.

Being able to beat Trump is important to a majority of Biden and Warren supporters, whereas Sanders supporters ranked "closest to me on issues" as more important. This, of course, plays into Biden's argument about being the most electable Democrat overall, something that seems to be powering his advantage in the primary given Democratic voters are prizing electability more than usual.

The Democratic primary takes place on February 11, 2020.

And Biden was not exactly snubbed at the convention. His net favorability rating (favorable - unfavorable) is 0 points. But Warren doesn't alarm them the way Sanders does.

Biden was the first candidate to speak and focused his remarks on Trump, saying the president has "unleashed the deepest, darkest forces in this nation".

The poll's margin of error is plus or minus 6%.

A Boston Globe/Suffolk poll of voters in Massachusetts-Warren's home state-conducted from September 3 to September 5 showed Biden with 26 percent, compared to Warren's 24 percent and Sanders's 8 percent. As she stands next to him during the debate Warren will use her policies and plans to show voters that it is she, not Biden or anyone else on that stage, who cannot only beat Trump but also undo all the damage he has inflicted on the country in the past three years and change the fundamental unfairness the majority of people in this country face economically.

In hypothetical head-to-head matchups, Trump trails all the Democratic candidates except Warren, where he is ahead at 51% to 49%. And unlike Hillary Clinton, she trusts her own instincts.

Booker and Buttigieg never mentioned Biden by name, nor did Julian Castro, the former Obama administration housing secretary who made a similar appeal.

Though the lady appeared receptive to the previous vp's message, she later admitted to the Examiner that she was delay by Biden's handsiness all through their dialog.

That has led to a scrambled and sometimes incoherent message from Trump's rivals even as global markets gyrate, United States consumer prices of Chinese imports rise and farmers lose their biggest export market as a result. Warren continues to climb in the polls, picking up momentum and support. Eventually, she'd win the popular vote by 2 points.

Video of the incident, which was revealed by the Washington Examiner on Friday, reveals Biden speaking to the 41-year-old particular wants educator about his plans for strengthening collective bargaining rights for academics in states like Iowa. As I noted back in May, Biden's winning about 95% of those who disapprove of Trump's job performance nationally.

In this way, Biden is following the playbook of the midterms and not Clinton. We Democrats need to wake up, stop palavering and do what it takes.

Similarly, 80% of people who identified as being less confident that gun control measures will reduce violent incidents still said they were in support of universal background checks, including for private sales and at gun shows.

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