Donald Trump fires national security adviser John Bolton

John Bolton out as national security adviser in Trump administration

Trump fires national security adviser John Bolton, saying he 'disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions'

He shared the news on Twitter on Tuesday, explaining that he "disagreed strongly" with many of Bolton's suggestions.

Bolton said in his own tweet that he offered to resign Monday: "I offered to resign last night and President Trump said, 'Let's talk about it tomorrow'". He says Bolton submitted his resignation on Tuesday morning.

Mr Trump has told allies he thinks Mr Bolton is "a killer" on television, where Bolton is a frequent face on Fox News, though the president has voiced some unhappiness about Mr Bolton's trademark moustache, said a person familiar the president's thinking but not permitted to reveal private discussions.

US President Donald Trump with National Security Advisor John Bolton during a meeting with senior military leaders at the White House in Washington, April 2018.

Dan Coats, a former Republican senator from IN, stepped down as Director of National Intelligence on August 15. "Of course, foreign nations watch the chaos - which the President relishes - with either glee or gloom, depending on how they feel about the U.S".

In June of this year, Trump publicly backed Bolton after escalating tensions with Iran caused speculation that there was a foreign policy divide within the administration. I have John Bolton and other people that are a little more dovish than him. (Don't mess with Yosemite Sam.) The final straw may have been Trump's ill-starred attempted Camp David summit with the Taliban, but Bolton - a bona fide foreign affairs expert, even though he's wrong about nearly everything - must have been steaming at the way Trump was marginalizing him.

Bolton tried to orchestrate the ouster of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, backing opposition leader Juan Guaido but the effort has yet to bear fruit and Trump apparently lost patience with the scheme.

One Republican familiar with the disagreements between Mr Trump and Mr Bolton said the adviser's opposition to a possible meeting between Mr Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was a precipitating factor in the dismissal.

- May 26, 2019: Trump seems to undercut Bolton's public condemnation of missile tests by North Korea.

"Can't wait for the Resistance, led by Maddow & O'Donnell & Hayes, to embrace John Bolton as their hero,"quipped commentator George Szamuely".

"Biegun much more like Pompeo understands that the president is the president, that he makes the decisions", said a source close to the White House.

Senator Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the foreign relations committee, told reporters Bolton's firing is emblematic of Trump's style.

In one of Bolton's most memorable remarks, he dismissed the United Nations in a 1994 speech, quipping that if the 38-floor secretariat in NY "lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference". "That's not something the president wants", said Menendez.

Bolton followed Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster - a widely respected but straight-laced strategist who never clicked with Trump personally - and retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who was forced out of the administration early as part of the Russian Federation imbroglio.

Trump's first choice for the position, Michael Flynn, also a retired Army lieutenant general, lasted less than a month in the job before being fired. He was sacked for lying about his interactions with Russian official.

As the report notes, Trump had soured on McMaster too before he departed the White House, "barely speaking to McMaster and regularly [doing] derogatory impressions of him in his absence".

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