Election not referendum is the priority, says Jeremy Corbyn in Walsall

Oliver Letwin lost the Tory whip last week

Oliver Letwin lost the Tory whip last week

Mr Farage has offered a "non-aggression pact" between his party and the Conservatives, on the condition that Mr Johnson sign up for "a clean-break Brexit" - in other words, no deal.

His argument, which puts him at odds with party leader Jeremy Corbyn, is that an election might fail to resolve the deadlock over Brexit.

Efforts will be put into getting a Leave deal - pleasing Unite - but there will also be an option to Remain - pleasing the GMB. But we won't allow Johnson to dictate the terms. Corbyn says Labour would offer the people a second referendum on a credible option to leave against remaining in the European Union after an election.

Johnson, who was a figurehead for the Vote Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum, when 52 percent of voters backed Brexit, has rejected opposition complaints that he was undemocratically denying parliament the right to debate Brexit.

"Even at this 11th hour we think there is time to do it, ' said Labour's Stephen Kinnock as he joined Tory MPs at the launch of the 'MPs for a Deal" group.

"Our priority is to get a general election in order to give the people the chance to elect a government that cares for them, not themselves".

"We are in the biggest political crisis any of us have known in our lives and I'm trying to offer a solution and a way out, I'm giving him the opportunity to be a hero".

Boris Johnson says he will not request a delay to Brexit
Boris Johnson says he will not request a delay to Brexit

As stated by the opposition leader before delegates of the federation that brings together fifty unions and more than five million workers, Labour Party members are ready to conduct the largest popular election campaign in the history of the United Kingdom.

Labour's Brexit policy has shifted significantly over the past 12 months, in a series of incremental steps from last year's annual conference, when the shadow Brexit secretary, Keir Starmer, brokered a carefully worded composite motion, putting forward a referendum as one option.

"Just as we worked throughout the summer to pass a law preventing no deal, so we will work each and every day we are shut down to enforce that law".

With seven weeks to go, the government and parliament are locked in conflict over the future of Brexit, with possible outcomes ranging from leaving without a deal to another referendum that could cancel the divorce.

Former attorney general Dominic Grieve's demand for all written and electronic contact about the temporary suspension of Parliament and Operation Yellowhammer documents since July 23 to be released was approved by 311 votes to 302 on Monday.

The Government described the scope of the information requested as "disproportionate and unprecedented", adding in a statement after the vote: "We will consider the implications of this vote and respond in due course".

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