Foxconn violates Chinese labor laws to keep up with iPhone 11 orders

Apple, Foxconn caught breaking Chinese labor laws while making iPhones

Apple, Foxconn say they overly relied on temporary workers in China

Apple and Foxconn have been accused of violating labour laws at a factory where the tech giants are producing the new iPhone, according to a new report from China Labor Watch.

China Labor Watch, the campaign group which conducted this confirmed that its investigators worked undercover in the factory in Zhengzhou.

The investigation found that despite labor laws restricting a workforce to only 10 percent temporary staff, up to 50 percent of plant workers were temporary in August.

"We did find during our investigation that the percentage of dispatch workers exceeded our standards and we are working closely with Foxconn to resolve this issue". "To make sure our high standards are being adhered to, we have robust management systems in place beginning with training on workplace rights, on-site worker interviews, anonymous grievance channels and ongoing audits", Apple added.

"Apple and Foxconn know that the issue with dispatch workers is in violation of labor laws, but because it is profitable to hire dispatch workers, they haven't addressed the issue".

"We have confirmed all workers are being compensated appropriately, including any overtime wages and bonuses, all overtime work was voluntary and there was no evidence of forced labor", the company said in a statement. "We looked into the claims by China Labor Watch and most of the allegations are false", the company said in a statement sent to Sixth Tone, without elaborating on which allegations it found to be problematic.

The China Labor Watch report stated that student workers had been pushed to work overtime, "completing internships at the factory that are unrelated to their degree".

Foxconn also responded Monday, saying that the facility "currently has no interns performing time beyond regulation". The report additionally blames the Apple Corporation for moving its expanding costs because of the U.S. - China exchange war onto the manufacturing plant workers in China.

The 51-web site doc detailed results from a number of workforce who had been reported to have labored at Foxconn's manufacturing unit in Zhengzhou, a town in China's central Henan province. And while Apple and Foxconn's use of temporary workers is getting all the headlines, there's one interesting little fact buried in the report.

Foxconn was as of late scrutinized by CLW for work rights infringement at a plant in Hengyang, China which makes items for Amazon.

"However, during the peak production seasons, personnel at Zhengzhou Foxconn set in at the very least 100 additional time several hours a thirty day period". In January, Sixth Tone investigated a Shanghai factory owned by Apple's second-largest iPhone assembler, Pegatron, after dispatch workers began protesting over what they claimed were unpaid bonuses.

The production line does not report work wounds.

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