Hurricane Dorian slightly weakens to Category 2 as storm threatens coastal Carolinas

Owner Protects Smart Car from Hurricane Dorian by Parking in His Kitchen

Florida man parks Smart car in kitchen so it won’t ‘blow away’ during storm

A Florida man came up with a "smart" idea as Hurricane Dorian threatened to roll into the region. The answer: Yes it can.

According to Jessica Eldridge, her husband wanted to attempt to park the auto in their kitchen to avoid cleaning out the garage ahead of the hurricane. "He said he could", Jessica said.

Mr Eldridge drove the vehicle through the backyard and into the house via the back double doors.

"[My] wife was impressed that I was right about it being able to fit into the kitchen", Eldridge told the network.

Patrick Eldridge was anxious the tiny vehicle would blow away in the fierce storm, and so he rolled the automobile inside his Jacksonville home. "He had it in with no problems".

Leaving at least 20 people dead in its wake in the Bahamas, Dorian swept past Florida on Wednesday at a relatively safe distance, grazed Georgia overnight, and then began hugging the South Carolina-North Carolina coastline with more serious effects. As the storm blew by, Jessica made dinner skirting the auto.

As of midday, it was a Category 2, blowing at 110 miles per hour (177 kph) - a far cry from the Category 5 that mauled the Bahamas, but still unsafe. The Florida Wire, which runs across digital, print and video platforms, curates and distributes Florida-focused stories.

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