Indian woman, 73, gives birth to twin girls

A 73-year-old woman gave birth to twins on Thursday

Oldest mum in the world gives birth to twins at 74

She added that she was always called the "childless lady" in her community.

"People looked at me with accusing eyes as if I had committed a sin", she told The Times of India.

She said she was seen as a cursed woman, but her husband - a farmer - stood by her "like a rock".

Doctors delivered the twins, who were born following IVF treatment, on Thursday. "We are the happiest couple on Earth today. Luckily, she conceived in the first cycle itself and she was found to be pregnant this January", Dr. Umashankar told The Hindustan Times. That record will have to be verified, but as of now, Mangayamma is certainly the oldest in India to deliver babies. He claimed that Mangayamma has become the oldest woman in the world to give birth.

"We are not allowing the mother to breastfeed and the babies will be fed through the milk bank", Umashankar said.

The oldest verified mother was previously Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara, from Spain, who gave birth to twins at the age of 66 in 2006. However, she died of cancer less than three years later. Her husband was believed to be 79 at the time.

Shannon Clark, a professor of maternal and fetal medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, said Yaramati's delivery is atypical but not surprising given the existing technology around assisted reproduction.

"I feel blessed to be able to hold my own baby".

Oldest mum in the world gives birth to twins at 74

Conflicting reports have emerged in news outlets about the mother's name and age.

Despite their age, the pair maintain having children was vitally important to them.

"I'm feeling very happy".

"To me it was just another case". She gave birth to her daughters in a private hospital this week. A woman's hormonal balance alters permanently once menopause occurs At this juncture, ovulation no longer takes place, and a woman is incapable of conceiving naturally.

Armaan, Malhotra said, "is going to be an orphan in a few years". However, they also asked her to undergo psychological counselling, to ensure that she understood what she was getting into and that she remained mentally strong throughout the pregnancy.

"It is another world record".

Embryologist Anurag Bishnoi, who performed the procedure for Kaur, said he was reluctant.

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