IPhone 11 to come with awesome breakthrough feature

Source OSX Daily

Source OSX Daily

iOS 13 will present periodic popup notifications whenever an app is using the user's location in the background. Facebook published a blog post defending its use of location data following the changes to the location settings in the iOS 13 and Android 10.

Apple first announced the iOS update in June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

Facebook assures its users that they will still be able to control who sees their location whenever they check-in to Facebook. With Android 10, however, users would further get an option to limit the location access to a few individual apps.

iOS 13 also includes a number of new privacy-focused tools, including Sign in with Apple, a feature that will let you sign into apps and websites using your Apple ID.

Facebook's latest blog post informs users on how iOS 13 will change location sharing on the app.

So if you update and wonder why you're getting a bunch of prompts regarding location data, this is why.

As expected, Apple has always kept mum on its AR ambitions until a year ago when an insider leaked details on the company's 5 nm chipset that'll be powering its augmented reality headset, codenamed T288, with a scheduled release in 2020. It became more significant in iOS 11, when the promised Messages in the Cloud feature failed to make an appearance until iOS 11.4, released eight months later.

Android 10 also addresses apps that snoop on location data using other means, including by looking at Wi-Fi access points or checking folders for location data left by other apps.

Facebook has received an onslaught of flack earlier over privacy related issues and is still under scanner when it comes to user-privacy. It helps improve ads and keep you and the Facebook community safe, ' said the company in the post.

While the previous iOS versions have three options to share your precise location with an app- always, only when the app is in use, or never.

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