Joker wins best film at Venice Film Festival

Joker 2019 Review

Joker 2019 Review

"The goal was never to introduce Joaquin Phoenix into the comic book movie universe", he said.

"You tell me if any of this is bullsh-" Dafoe said to Phoenix, before continuing his speech with a particularly pertinent message: "The point is he's always surprising us, and himself".

Warner Bros.'s Joker film is hitting the film festival circuit this month, but one place you won't see it is in Robert Pattinson's Batman - that is, according to Joker writer/director Todd Phillips.

Hopefully, we can finally put this to bed...but probably not. After his many overtures to Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Phillips might have expected the actor to accept the part in grand fashion, but it sounds like, in a low-key, very on-brand move, he just showed up one day and went to work.

Phoenix lost the battle and gave in to Phillips' vision, losing 52 pounds to the play Arthur.

He continued, "He didn't ask me, he told me". Or your eyes. You know what I meant. "But in the long run, I think he got it and appreciated it". Best Adapted Screenplay consideration is possible as well, although despite the notation, Phillips and co-writer Scott Silver didn't pull anything from the comics except the bare bones qualities of the title character.

Phoenix was one of the two actors to be presented with the TIFF Tribute Actor Award and he took his time on the stage to remember people who contributed to his career. Picture: Warner Bros. Who wrote the score for Joker? Joaquin (then known as Leaf Phoenix) starred in Parenthood as a young teen in 1989, then took a break from acting, making his comeback in the 1995 Nicole Kidman film To Die For. And he said, "You're going to start acting again, this is what you're going to do". "But I don't know if it's as much - is it empathy for that or is it an observation on personalities who struggle". Joker is essentially an origin story for the titular character, but Phoenix tracks his descent into madness in grotesque, harrowing detail.

"There is no movie without Joaquin Phoenix". With both the news grabbing eyeballs, fans have been curious to find out if the new Batman would cross paths with Phoenix's Joker in the future. GQ Magazine UK said of the actor's performance, "If Joker ultimately proves anything it's that he's the best actor of his generation".

Joker laughs its way into theaters on October 4.

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