Kansas confirms state’s first death linked to vaping

Study Finds That the Vast Majority of Respiratory Diseases in Vapers Are Linked to Illegal THC Products

Vaping concerns in Canada after US deaths, illness

The respiratory illnesses are likely associated with a chemical exposure, but it is too early to pinpoint a single product or substance common to all cases, according to the CDC. Should an investigation determine these companies understood the dangers inherent in their products and kept that information from consumers, they should get more than a slap on the wrist and the suggestion to include yet another warning label.

Staff from health agencies, including the US Food and Drug Administration, said they ha not linked the illnesses to any specific e-cigarette product or any particular substance in the e-cigarettes.

Nieuwenhuis says the vapor not only affects the person vaping, but also the people around them while they're doing it.

Kansas health officials have confirmed the first death in the state associated with an outbreak of lung disease related to vaping or e-cigarettes.

Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Action, a physician, called youth vaping a public health crisis. Five deaths have been confirmed in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and OR, the CDC reports. Investigators say numerous cases involve vaping products that include the primary ingredient of marijuana, THC.

Although there have been no such reported cases in Canada, smoking experts say it would be naïve to think there will not be any. "There's not enough action taken by our politicians", said Tim Johnson during a news conference in IL on Thursday after his daughter fell ill with a lung illness believed to have been caused by vaping.

Vaping rates among young people have been increasing steadily despite the fact they can't legally buy them and the products and marketing are not supposed to appeal to young people.

Almost 40 percent of 12th grade students and 27 percent of high school students in NY state are now using e-cigarettes, and this increase is largely driven by flavored e-liquids, according to the state health department. She says she is screening a lot more of her patients for a history of e-cigarette use than ever before.

The mysterious lung condition presents with coughing, shortness of breath, nausea and stomach pain.

"It is time to stop vaping", Secretary for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Dr.

Cuomo said he's not ruling out a temporary ban of all e-cigarettes, but admitted it would be hard to enforce because the products are legal under federal law.

Last week, Friday, the FDA claimed to have tested multiple samples with THC as part of their investigation, where most of these samples with THC contained noteworthy amounts of THC.

This latest warning by the CDC is one of many cautionary acts taken by the government against vaping in recent months.

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