Let's decide our Brexit referendum stance now, says Labour's foreign policy chief



The Labour leader said one of the deputies should be a woman to reflect the "diversity within our society".

As a battle rages within Labour over its stance in a second Brexit referendum, the Shadow Foreign Secretary said she is "fearful" of another five years of Boris Johnson in Downing Street unless Jeremy Corbyn abandoned plans to remain neutral on leaving the European Union in a snap general election.

Thankfully, that would be a perfectly acceptable position under Labour's plans.

One of Jeremy Corbyn's closest aides has resigned, issuing a warning that the Labour leader will not win the next general election.

It came as Jeremy Corbyn has said he would like to see two deputy leaders of the Labour Party - hours after a bid to scrap the elected position was abandoned. Now it has become Labour Party policy.

"I know that the Scottish Labour Party agreed with me, and I know that the Welsh Labour Party agree with me".

With Brexit due to be debated by members on Monday, pro-remain activists said they would not back down on efforts to let members get a clear vote on whether Labour should campaign now and at an election to stay in the EU.

Michael Chessum, of Another Europe is Possible, said: "We are utterly determined to take a remain position to conference floor tomorrow ... there will be an attempt to turn this into a loyalty test".

But the motion was due to be debated on Saturday morning's meeting of the NEC, just hours before the official start of a party conference supposed to be focused on preparing for a looming election. "But those proposing these motions are by and large people, like me, who have spent years fighting for the left inside Labour and backing Corbyn".

Countering speculation that the 70-year-old is considering standing down, Corbyn told the BBC on Sunday that he would lead Labour into the next election.

"We have to decide at this conference".

"My concern is that unless we're clear about our Brexit policy, we may not get off first base because [the media] will constantly be asking us what our Brexit policy is", she said.

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