Liberal candidate for Waterloo accepts Trudeau's apology, calling it 'genuine'

By Canadian Press	
	 		Trudeau delays schedule to apologize to community leaders across Canada				Sep 19 2019

By Canadian Press Trudeau delays schedule to apologize to community leaders across Canada Sep 19 2019

"I shouldn't have done that".

"It's been my experience that when you have a brand-new leader, people are interested in their whole record, because they're new and you're trying to figure out who these people are and how they might govern", he said.

Trudeau apologized Wednesday for wearing brownface makeup at a party in 2001, after TIME Magazine published a photo from the event.

Canadaland has published a second photo of Trudeau at the gala, which is from the school's April 2001 newsletter.

Trudeau also confessed Wednesday night to having worn makeup during a high-school talent show, while performing a version of Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat Song (Day-O)".

Still, Trudeau was relentlessly apologetic.

The prime minister said he wanted to connect with him directly, an unusual gesture in the midst of a closely fought federal election. "It was a dumb thing to do".

"I don't believe that anybody has ever lived their lives without making an error", said Fergus, Thursday morning.

"He did something that was racist and he lied about the extent of such activities", Scheer told reporters in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec.

Trudeau has since apologized for the blackface photos, saying that the costume ideas were a 'mistake.' During a press conference on Thursday, Trudeau apologized for any hurt he had caused by wearing blackface and promised Canadians that he would continue to try to do better. Trudeau himself has called out Scheer for his refusal to march in gay Pride parades.

As a result, the Liberals have painted the Conservatives as behind the times on LGBT rights and abortion, even publishing a 2005 video of Mr Scheer speaking out against same-sex marriage and digging up dirt on Conservative candidates.

If Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer had done this, Trudeau would demand his head. He did not specify when his campaign first saw the video on Trudeau in blackface.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh told reporters yesterday he was "deeply troubled" by what this means to Canada.

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh says the damage caused by photos and video can not be underestimated, and underscores the importance of electing a New Democratic government. "I should've understood that then and should never have done it".

"We are going to come together and take care of one another".

Politicians and everyday Canadians alike have widely denounced Trudeau's actions as racist and hurtful.

One Canadian social media user took to Twitter to explain how he felt about Singh following the Trudeau drama. "And in the case of party leaders, I think other representatives of that party should hold their leader to account".

If any other Liberal candidate had done what Trudeau did, he or she would have been immediately dumped. With his bid for re-election just a month away, the 47-year-old Trudeau begged Canadians to forgive him. "I know, as does he, how serious this is".

The images of Trudeau with his face, hands and legs painted dark and dating back to his days as a student and a teacher in Vancouver, have garnered global headlines and criticism - but among the outrage and fury is also disappointment and forgiveness.

"Besides being problematic, it also sounds like Justin Trudeau would be the most annoying guy on Halloween", Noah said.

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