Malaysia raises diplomatic temperature as Indonesia burns

Tanks containing a solution of water and salt are loaded into a military plane at Subang Military Airbase on Sept 19 2019 as part of a cloud-seeding operation to induce rain to ease the haze problem

Haze closes Malaysia schools, sparks fears for Singapore F1

For the past few weeks, Malaysia and neighbouring Singapore have been choked by smoky air blown in from forest fires started to clear land for plantations, forcing schools to shut and many people to wear masks so as to avoid inhaling smog particles.

Malaysia may have to pass a law forcing its companies to tackle fires on land they control overseas, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said on Wednesday, as forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia spread haze across the region.

Over 1,200 schools were closed due to air pollution across the country, according to a tally of figures from local education officials.

Acrid smog has also clouded the skies of Singapore in recent days, raising fears it may affect this Sunday's Formula One race. It said 99% of the hotspots were caused by deliberately set fires.

The Environmental Quality Act (EQA) empowers the federal government to investigate the Malaysian firms whose subsidiaries were accused of open burning in Indonesia, Klang MP Charles Santiago said today.

On Wednesday, air quality deteriorated to "very unhealthy" levels on an official index in many parts of peninsular Malaysia, to the east of Sumatra, with the Kuala Lumpur skyline shrouded by dense smog.

There is already a provision under current legislation for the government to act against Malaysian companies found to have contributed to the haze even if they are operating in other countries.

A increasing preference of Malaysians were struggling smartly being concerns attributable to the haze, with authorities announcing there had been a inviting effect bigger in outpatients at authorities hospitals - many struggling dry and itchy eyes.

The fires have sparked tensions between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Air quality became as soon as within the "unhealthy" vary all the design in which through Singapore Thursday morning, consistent with the Nationwide Atmosphere Company, as town disclose's ambiance minister known as it a "fundamental setback" within the fight in opposition to climate alternate.

Prior to this, Indonesia had alleged that four Malaysian companies with subsidiaries in Indonesia, were responsible for several cases of forest fires in the former's territory resulting in the haze, as the fires had originated from plantations used by the subsidiaries.

The fires have impacted the lives of people across the region.

Authorities have tried to induce rain through cloud seeding in a bid to extinguish the fires.

The organisers of Singapore's F1 night race say that they have a contingency plan to deal with the haze, but insist the event remains on track.

However the onset of the rainy season, which typically begins in October, may perhaps most seemingly maybe most seemingly be the finest thing ready to douse the blazes.

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