Nintendo unveils Ring Fit Adventure, Ring-Con


Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure is like Wii Fit for the Switch

The Ring Con and leg strap for Ring Fit Adventure.

A new type of adventure game is headed to the Nintendo Switch system on October 18 - one that incorporates fun new accessories that turn real-world movement into in-game actions in a quest to save the world. "Ring Fit Adventure combines gaming and physical activity in a way that incentivizes people to keep coming back for more, to further both the story and their own fitness goals".

The Ring-Con is pressure-sensitive, tracking upper-body movements.

In a seven-minute long video today, we're taken through a demo of Ring Fit Adventure and what kind of content players can expect. As exergames go, Ring Fit Adventure seems fairly fleshed out. It's pretty straightforward: by sliding Joy-Con controllers into the Ring-Con and leg strap, the game can track your movements and actions and translate them into the Ring Fit Adventure game. When you encounter enemies, you'll do battle by performing color-coded exercises. It's hard work and you'll definitely work up a sweat, but it's also a lot of fun.

When you're not breaking open crates, hoovering up coins and hovering over gaps by squeezing and pulling the Fit-Con, you'll need to raise those knees to wade through water and climb steep sets of stairs. Make it past the two-minute mark in the video below, and you'll see that this is actually an RPG disguised as a fitness game.

Amnesia: Collection, which includes Amnesia: The Dark Descent, expansion Amnesia: Justine, and sequel Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, is now available on Switch via the Nintendo eShop, developer Frictional Games announced. Finally, Sets mode is the traditional exercise mode, so if you want to get moving but you don't want jump into Adventure mode, it sounds like Sets will be the mode for you.

Throughout the years, various companies have made attempts at turning exercise into games, with one of the most notable examples being Nintendo's Wii Fit.

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