Photographer Heaps Praise on iPhone 11 Pro Camera

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has by far the biggest battery Apple has ever put in a smartphone

The iPhone 11 Pro Max has by far the biggest battery Apple has ever put in a smartphone. Image Ray Wong Mashable

Unfortunately, though, all signs are beginning to point at an early 2020 release, which would cushion the blow to those who've only just upgraded to the second-generation model. However, the screen cannot be count as a pro because we have seen better earlier.

Apple has launched a series of iPhone in its annual event.

"Plus, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, a new pro line for iPhone, as well as the dual-camera iPhone 11, all tap into T-Mobile's newest, most powerful signal, 600MHz, that gives customers better coverage and capacity than ever before in rural areas and buildings". The latest iPhone has slow-motion capabilities on the front camera so you can take slow-motion selfies, or as Apple calls them, "slofies".

A new leak reveals the amount of RAM in all the iPhone 11 smartphones, reports MacRumors.

Battery life in the iPhone 11 Pro is about four hours longer than in the iPhone XS.

While RAM upgrades didn't make the cut for this year's iPhones, Apple did pay extra attention to batteries. As we all know that it has multiple cameras in the back that looks kind of messy but the camera bump will not bother you much. "As per the patent application, Apple wants the trademark to include the use of the word in ".standard characters without claim to any particular font style, size, or color".

The Series 3 is still on sale, and for good reason.

The addition of any new lens is a pretty big deal.

If you do own a Series 4, however, the Series 5 doesn't have enough new offerings to warrant an upgrade, in our opinion.

Are you excited for the AirPods 3?

Despite not having the aforementioned features it still offers the quintessential Apple Watch experience (activity rings, controlling your music and reading notifications without having to take out your phone, to name a few), and is the ideal stepping stone towards investing in a newer model a down the line.

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