Rockstar makes PC games launcher, gives away San Andreas for free


Rockstar makes PC games launcher, gives away San Andreas for free

The Rockstar Launcher was first spotted by numerous GTA and Red Dead fans across Twitter earlier today. Instead, we're here to be the bearers of good or bad news, depending on your perspective: Rockstar is following in the footsteps of the companies mentioned above with a launcher of its own, aptly dubbed the "Rockstar Games Launcher". Technically it's a re-branded version of the Rockstar Social Club but it is significant because of a game leak from Australia. It also features cloud saves for all the games and will automatically update all your games from there.

At this point, no publisher wants to give another platform a cut when it can just sell its own games directly - at least on PC, where there aren't any barriers to making that happen.

Right now you can use it to post photos, videos and jobs, as well as looking for new crews, all of which could possibly be done via the launcher. Originally a launcher that was dedicated exclusively to Grand Theft Auto V, it has been expanded to include a lot more of Rockstar's library that has made its way to PC. If you do feel like downloading the launcher you can get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free for a limited time.

The prevailing theory seems to be that this is a preemptive step before Rockstar unveils Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

There's not much in the Rockstar Launcher yet, though if you don't own San Andreas it's worth checking out.

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