Russia holds 80 North Koreans on 'poaching' boats

Russia holds 80 North Koreans on ‘poaching’ boats

North Korean Boat Attacks Russian Ship in Latest East Asia Border Clash

A spokesperson for the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said the two schooners were accompanied by 11 motorboats and were spotted poaching near the Yamato Bank, which lies between the Korean Peninsula, Russia and Japan. Border patrol went to detain the vessels, but after taking the first one, the second schooner opened fire on the Russians, wounding at least three border patrol guards.

One of the boat's crew attacked border guards who boarded the vessel, and three officers "received injuries of varying degrees of severity", according to the FSB, which controls the border and coast guards. At the exit, the North Korean diplomat also declined to comment.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday it will summon North Korea's top diplomatic representative in Moscow following the detention, the state-run RIA news agency reported. Pyongyang said the crew had been detained for violating the rules of entry into North Korea. North Korean fishing vessels have been involved in a number of worldwide incidents in the Sea of Japan, known to both Koreas as the East Sea. Last week, border guards detained 16 boats and over 250 sailors who were poaching squid off Russian shores. "The expulsion of the Japanese ships from our zone is a just and righteous exercise of our sovereign rights".

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