'Save our future': Striking students demand global climate action

Global climate strike: Worldwide event set to be marked in Letchworth and Stevenage | Education

St Albans pupils to join in with climate change school strikes

The local event is part of a global movement. People like Greta Thunberg are speaking out and nothing happens. Authorities in New York City have announced that its student population of 1.1 million is able to skip school in order to attend the strikes.

Kicking off what organizers say will be the largest mass climate demonstration in history, millions of young people and their adult allies flooded the streets around the world Friday to take part in the Global Climate Strike and pressure world leaders to confront the ecological crisis with bold and urgent action.

West Berkshire Council's support for a third runway at Heathrow was also condemned by many in attendance. Thousands of websites, such as Tumblr and Kickstarter, are set to "go dark" as tools are downed on Friday lunchtime.

Mr Morrison will have dinner with President Donald Trump on Friday and has been criticised for failing to include in his NY itinerary the United Nations climate summit on Monday, when leaders will present their long-term plans for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

We realize that these could be viewed as very radical and bold demands, but it is what we need and we have the potential to get it done. "Civil disobedience breaks the system and once it's broken it's an awesome opportunity to make things better".

At RenewEconomy, One Step Off The Grid and The Driven, a lot of what we do - and why we do it - is because we, too, are firmly committed to driving action of climate change.

Students in Boston will also be excused school, with a crowd of 10,000 expected to assemble.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said he was "standing in solidarity" with the strikers and was encouraging City Hall staff to take time out of their day to observe the strike, as he called for more action from Government.

In Burundi's capital, Bujumbura, a group of young people took part in the global climate protest - but added their own twist.

Three million people had participated worldwide as of midday in NY, organizers with the anti-fossil fuels group 350 said.

He said: "Young people and workers are coming out to say enough is enough".

"We recognize that all of us have a responsibility to do everything that we can to mitigate the impact of climate change", said Kirsten Hunter, managing director with the Australian ethical pension fund Future Super, that founded the alliance. A global movement has since grown from the 16-year-old's stand, with young people expressing outrage that their generation is being left a world with increasingly punishing heatwaves, storms, flooding and societal unrest.

Meanwhile, students at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology have reportedly been told they will be given full marks on an assessment if they take a selfie at one of the protests.

Strikes are taking place in cities including Edinburgh, Cambridge, Birmingham and Belfast, with students letting off alarm bells at 1pm to "raise the alarm" for the climate.

"The audacity of kids simply asking leaders to lead is extraordinary".

"There's not really much need for a strike, although we respect the need for students to express themselves with some sense of freedom and we certainly believe in some democratic processes but what we're saying if you're of school age, the place you really should be at school", he said. "They are rightly impatient".

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