These five features we love are missing from iOS 13 (for now)

Apple unveils the highly anticipated iOS 13 update on Thursday

Apple unveils the highly anticipated iOS 13 update on Thursday

If the iOS 13 update is stuck at "Update requested..." for a very long time (more than say 15 mins), like all tech problems, there is no harm in starting off by restarting your iPhone or iPad to see it helps.

Apple has started rolling out the year's biggest update for its mobile operating system iOS. It makes flawless sense that Apple would be among the first to provide these changes to iOS users, so Shazam's most recent update is far from being a surprise.

The app's complications have also been updated to work with the tint colors in the new software version. Unfortunately, that means the public has to wait until iOS 13.1 comes out on September 24 for the feature. While the 2019 iPhone series - iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max - will come with iOS 13 out-of-the box, others will have to update their devices to the latest iOS.

Most iPhone owners across the globe will be enjoying the delights of iOS 13 tonight but that won't be the case if you have a much older model in your pocket. While Audio Handoff is supposed to allow your HomePod to play audio coming from your iOS device when it's near automatically.

So before downloading to iOS 13, head over to our supreme guide on how to back up your iPhone.

If you have Automatic Updates turned on, the update should auto-install anyway according to Apple protocol - i.e., overnight if your device is plugged in.

Now that we're out of beta territory, it's very easy to download to iOS 13. Hit the button to update to iOS 13, and you'll start the process.

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