This is why Corbyn will not agree to a General Election…. Yet

298 of the required 434 MPs voted yes to an election.

However, as with Mr Farage's offer from earlier in the week, Johnson would need to drop Theresa May's withdrawal treaty, and fully pursue a no-deal Brexit.

It is clear the only action is to go back to the people and give them the opportunity to decide what they want; Boris to go to Brussels and get a deal, or leave without one on 31 October or Jeremy Corbyn arriving in Brussels with his surrender bill begging for more delay, more dither and accepting whatever terms Brussels imposes over our nation.

In response the PM moved to call a general election on October 15 but Labour abstained on the vote - leading Boris Johnson to call his opposite number a "chlorinated chicken".

She said: "The prime minister that we have at the moment is playing some bully boy game, of some bully boy at a public school that I probably wouldn't understand any more than I understand parliamentary procedures".

He said: "Let the Bill pass and have Royal Assent and then we can have a general election".

During a passionate speech in the House of Commons the Labour MP Jess Phillips branded Boris Johnson a "bully boy".

The Prime Minister was caught on camera apparently using the insult against the Mr Corbyn, saying: "Call an election, you great big girl's blouse".

Earlier, in an interview with the BBC, Brexit Party leader Farage claimed that Johnson's Tories "cannot win an election" in any snap poll if his party stands against him.

And with Parliament suspended, MPs would have no way to prevent the United Kingdom crashing out with no deal.

On Tuesday night MPs wrested control of the House of Commons from the government and yesterday passed a bill in the Commons to delay the UK's exit from the European Union in the event no deal can be reached by October 31. Mr Vara voted against it.

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