Trudeau seeks to right his campaign in Toronto

Trudeau apologizes after photo emerges of him dressed in 'brownface'

'Disheartened and disappointed': Amarjeet Sohi reacts to Trudeau's blackface and brownface images

"Until it is met with a shrug", Trudeau told the NY crowd.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau got the wrong kind of global attention Thursday as late-night talk show hosts south of the border took jabs at him for dressing in blackface when he was younger.

That party was shopping its policy on expanding public coverage for drugs and dental care on the campaign trail Friday, while Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was also campaigning on the health-care theme, pledging $1.5 billion to buy new medical imaging equipment for facilities across the country.

Ball told VOCM News that he's subsequently heard what Trudeau had to say and is satisfied that people change.

On Friday she pointed to the government's commitment over the past four years "to fighting racism and to breaking down the systemic barriers in our country to people of color", and said that Trudeau would help make more progress in the future. I'm surprised and I was more surprised when I saw the number of times and I've always had a good relationship with Justin.

Trudeau, who launched a campaign for reelection last week, immediately apologized for wearing the makeup.

"I should have known better then but I didn't, and I am deeply sorry for it", Trudeau said. After he issued a second apology, he was asked again how many other times has he done this.

"There must be more important issues to be talking about", he said.

"I never talked about this. You have to get ahead of it and acknowledge the mistakes".

"I was hoping I wouldn't be asked that question", Trump replied.

Steven Del Duca criticized Trudeau's actions, but said his apology was honest and he needs to work to earn forgiveness.

"I think that's why it really was so disappointing".

Glad-handing and taking selfies with Canadians in Toronto and Winnipeg in recent days, a smiling Mr Trudeau received a hearty, hospitable reception.

Meanwhile, 29.3 per cent of respondents said Scheer would be their preferred pick, down one per cent.

With nationwide attention on the 47-year-old Trudeau's past amid a campaign focused on Canada's future, publication of the images has raised disturbing questions about the authenticity of his commitment to diversity and the depth of his avowed convictions.

Trudeau, 47, sidestepped questions both about Trump's comments and whether the affair had damaged Canada's image overseas, repeating that he was very sorry for what he had done when younger.

One man seemed to try to land a joke about whether he could "round to the nearest five" how many times Trudeau had dressed up or painted his face in an offensive way, while an older man in the crowd then told Trudeau that he shouldn't apologize. "But to win the election with a majority he's going to need to make some gains and that's going to perhaps going to be harder after this scandal and the ones that came before it".

Images of Trudeau in makeup began to emerge this week, the first from 2001 showing him in brownface at an Arabian Nights party when he was a teacher. Trudeau said he was dressed as a character from "Aladdin". The picture shows him sitting with a dark-skinned man and smiling. "With makeup on", while he was in high school, referring to a Jamaican folk song called "Banana Boat Song (Day-O)".

Earlier this year, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam faced intense pressure to resign after a racist picture surfaced from his 1984 medical school yearbook page.

Freeland has said she was saddened by the photos but stressed she fully backed Trudeau.

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