Trump denies anything improper in officials use of his hotels

Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland

Trump Turnberry Resort in Scotland. Washington Post

The layovers have raised ethics questions about government use of the President's private entities.

Democrats are also concerned about U.S. military stopovers at Glasgow's Prestwick airport, which is near the Trump-owned golf course at Turnberry and which has benefited from purchases of fuel by the United States defense department.

To aid have confidence the extra enterprise, Turnberry - which is 20 miles initiate air the airport - used to be added to an existing list of hotels that Glasgow Prestwick would usually e book for arriving crews, the paperwork published. "He can't be taking that money from the USA government and we will get to the bottom of why it happened".

A KC-135 crew is usually between three to four people, including the pilot, the navigator and the refueling boom operator.

Farnham said he assumed his unit handled the layover "like I've seen done and done myself", but he said the Maine Air National Guard would "look to make sure the guys did what's right".

In a statement released Sunday evening, the Air Force admitted that while those crews appeared to follow all guidelines and procedures, staying at the president's higher-end hotels might be allowed "but not advisable".

A Department of Defense spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email, "As with all congressional correspondence, we will respond directly to the authors". Gen. Edward Thomas about its policies and its internal review.

Now that their every move is being criticized, the Air Force is going to be reviewing their travel and lodging selections for global trips.

"Therefore, we are reviewing all associated guidance".

"We must still be considerate of perceptions of not being good stewards of taxpayer funds that might be created through the appearance of aircrew staying at such locations", it mentioned.

Military records show a steady increase in stops at the Prestwick airport and overnight stays nearby. So far this year, 259 of them have stopped the airport, according to the Times. The Democrat-led committee says Mr. Trump renovated the resort for hundreds of millions of dollars a couple years before the election, and now the airport and golf course have close ties.

A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster, like the one that made an overnight refueling stop in Scotland near a golf resort owned by President Trump. According to the mainstream media, the visits to Turnberry have increased since 2015.

The U.S. Constitution bars government officials, including the president, from receiving financial benefits known as emoluments from foreign or domestic governments, without approval from Congress. There were 40 in 2015, 75 in 2016, 116 in 2017, 208 in 2018 and 220 through August 2019.

While Trump sought to clear his name, Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, who sits on the House Oversight Committee, said that whether or not the president knew about the Air Force's use of his Scotland hotel is "irrelevant" because either way "he can't be taking that money".

However, a spokesman for the Scottish Government-owned airport said today that it regularly arranges overnight accommodation for visiting aircrew at Turnberry, as well as other local hotels, but stressed it received no commission from the U.S. president's firm for any bookings.

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