'We're Preparing For The Worst': Why People Are Flocking To Area 51

People hold signs at an entrance to the Nevada Test and Training Range near Area 51 Friday Sept. 20 2019 near Rachel Nev

Man Shot Dead In Attempt To Storm 'Area 51' Amid Strong Warning From U.S Army

Visitors descending on the remote Nevada desert for "Storm Area 51" are from Earth, not outer space. Before it was taken down, 2 million people had said they were interested in attending the event - and Roberts didn't want to let them down.

UFO enthusiasts began descending on rural Nevada on Thursday near the secret USA military installation known as Area 51, long rumoured to house government secrets about alien life, with local authorities hoping the visitors were coming in peace. "I hope they just enjoy the party we are throwing".

For their part, the folks at Main Event are offering their space as an alternative to going to the desert. "Heaven forbid the number is 5,000 people where you nearly double the size of the county", he said. A survey of reporting on the event put between "several dozen" and "a couple hundred" people who gathered near Area 51, falling far short of the over two million RSVPs gathered on Facebook.

Campervans and four-wheel drives have descended on the tiny town of Rachel in the Nevada desert near the top-secret Air Force base known as Area 51.

Not every YouTuber has been successful at navigating the Area 51 story, though. Authorities said one person was arrested on a charge of public urination and another was detained early Friday.

The two towns have a combined population of just 175 people, with many locals wondering whether their community can cope with the influx of people. 'They're allowed to go to the gate, as long as they don't cross the boundary'.

When the original viral event creator, Matty Roberts, backed out of the Rachel, Nevada, citing safety concerns, it appeared that things would be more manageable because he was expected to be a big draw.

The town boasts only four businesses in its city limits, and the Little A'Le'Inn is the only one that provides lodging and food.

A security guard stands at an entrance to the Nevada Test and Training Range near Area 51 Friday Sept. 20 2019 near Rachel Nev

"We are preparing for the worst", said Joerg Arnu, a Rachel resident told the Associated Press.

The Federal Aviation Administration closed nearby airspace, although Air Force jets could be heard in the sun-drenched skies, along with an occasional sonic boom. "Area 51 is a place where normal, ordinary citizens can't go".

'It will get cold at night.

Ferguson, a truck driver, said they decided to make the trip after seeing the social media post in June calling for people to converge on the remote U.S. Air Force test site. But Roberts backed away from some components of the event-which was reorganized to be the Alienstock music festival-after it became clear to him that it could be a debacle in the making.

Bench, a 72-year-old Vietnam War-era U.S. Air Force veteran, said he came to the "Alienstock" event in Rachel to find meaning in life. They told authorities they just wanted to get a good look at Area 51.

County lawmakers in Nye County, home to a conspicuously green establishment called the Area 51 Alien Center, are discouraging Earthlings from trying to find extraterrestrials there.

Wow, Storm Area 51 actually kinda happened then.

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