Xiaomi Mi Charge Turbo brings 30W wireless charging tech

Record wireless charging speeds to debut on the Mi 9 Pro 5G

Xiaomi introduces 30W wireless charging, set for Mi 9 Pro 5G

Bridging the gap between wired and wireless chargers, Xiaomi on Tuesday showcased its latest innovation - a 30W wireless charger named Mi Charge Turbo. The technology, dubbed "Mi Charge Turbo", can charge a 4,000mAh battery from zero to 50 percent in about 25 minutes, and from zero to 100 percent in 69 minutes, claimed the company. There are also four LEDs for battery level indication and a fifth LED for wireless charging.

Xiaomi has also confirmed today that its future phones will support ultra-high power reverse wireless charging, a feature rumored for the Mi Mix 4.

The company also announced that it is also working on a 40W wireless charger.

Alongside its announcement for a new standard, Xiaomi introduced a wireless charging stand to support it. It will use intelligent wireless tracking charging through OOB pairing technology which implies faster pairing, more stable and highly efficient 20W charging.

When it comes to Fast Charging in smartphones, we have seen that every year, we get a new technology that improves the charging speed.

Up until now, the Mi 9's 20W wireless charging remains the top wireless charging solution in the industry, and has also received a safe wireless charging certification 2.0 from TÜV Rheinland, Germany. This pitches the wireless charging solution to be higher than a lot of current generation wired charging solutions. In a test carried out, this only charged the device's 3,300mAh battery up to 30% in 30 minutes.

Xiaomi's release would not be the only company with a fast wireless charging solution. However, so far, only the Mi 9 Pro 5G is compatible.

We came across a big Mi Mix 4 leak last week with plenty of details surrounding the phone - from camera specs to memory configurations and software features. The event also featured the launch of two brand new wireless charging accessories. It's forming a wireless charging alliance to standardize things.

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